About Us

Our Pretoria East Toastmasters Club provides the most fantastic ongoing educational opportunity, set in a really fun and warm, learning and social environment! So how do we accomplish this? Come along and join us as we share a few more details with you below.


Well, firstly it has nothing to do with toast or toasters, especially as we are not a breakfast club! Nor do we get dressed up and go out to do wedding toasts, though this is a personal option once Toastmasters has given you the confidence! As a club, we first started in September 1999 and our members range from the very young to the very old, and come from all different professional and home backgrounds. We meet twice a month and our club provides a safe and supportive platform for us to develop our public speaking and leadership skills. As we share our ideas and feedback, we strive to boost self confidence, improve our interpersonal communication and help each other find our voices.


We all set our own bar, as high or as low as we choose and do so by attending and participating in the meetings, either in a leadership role or as a speaker. Constructive criticism is given by our peers at the end of the roles and by building on this, each of us is one step closer to achieving our personal goals. Now we know that not everyone can manage to navigate through an educational challenge alone, so we have mentors to help club newcomers. We also run Youth Leadership  and  Adult Speechcraft programmes  and by participating in these, either as a facilitator or just by assisting, you will certainly be on the road to bringing out the aspiring leader in you! As the Pretoria East Club, we are also affiliated to Toastmasters International and as such, use their guidelines, standards and educational programmes. This means we will always uphold their core values of integrity, respect and service excellence.


Have we peaked your interest and would you like to come as a guest?  Please feel free to contact us  and join in on any of our meetings, with no pressure to speak, and see how we teach and encourage our members to improve their skills. We would love to welcome you there! 

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