Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Come to a meeting and speak to our Vice President of Membership there and you will receive a Welcome Pack with all the details. Otherwise click on How do I Join and we will walk you through the process.

May I come as a guest?

Yes of course! Come and join us for a meeting and see how we conduct it without any pressure to participate.

Must I come with a member?

No. You can come on your own and if you would like to bring other guests with you, we would love to see you all!

How many times can I come to the meetings as a guest?

You can visit us as often as you like. However you will not be able to give a speech or take on a leadership role until you join as a member.

Is there a cost if I come as a guest?

Guests do not pay to join us for a meeting.

As a guest do I have to speak at a meeting?

No there is no pressure to do so. We do have a warm up session at the beginning to introduce ourselves and say a few words, so you would be able to join in here if you like, but if not, then passing is perfectly acceptable. Near the end of the meeting, we have a section called ‘On a Point’ when the Toastmaster opens the floor for a general discussion. Here the Toastmaster may ask guests to comment, if they feel comfortable to do so, about their impressions of the meeting. We love hearing your feedback!

When can I start to present speeches?

As soon as you have joined as a member you can schedule yourself for a speaking slot. You would contact our Vice President of Education to book the slot, but there is no pressure to do so quickly.

Is there anyone to help me with my first speech?

We have a mentoring programme at our club, with experienced members available and willing to assist wherever needed. You would contact our Vice President of Education and a mentor will be assigned to you.

Whom do I contact if I need more information?

You are very welcome to contact us through the information on our contact page either by phone, whatsapp, sms or email.