How do I Join?

How Do I Join?

So you are ready to take the plunge and join us as a member! Congratulations!

Here is how to go about it

Obtain and fill in a Toastmasters application form which is available from our Vice President of Education or any other committee member. Or download it here.


There is an initial joining fee of R350 and a bi-annual membership fee of R1050 which is payable at the end of March and at the end of September. This breaks down to R175 per month. If a person joins in between these months, for example in May, they would pay the initial joining fee of R350 and then 5 x R175 = R875 which takes them through to September. At the end of September they would then pay R1050 and slot into the bi-annual rotation.

All members receive a reminder to renew in March and September.


Unfortunately we do not have credit card facilities, but cash payments or EFT payments are welcome. (Please contact us for the bank details). Completed forms can be emailed to our Vice President of Membership or handed in at a club meeting.