‘Life Long Learning’

A vibrant and interesting meeting once again, on the 18th September 2019, with a variety of topics coming to the fore through speeches, Table topics and Introduction of members. We had 20 people at the meeting with a lot of ‘first timers’ and repeat guests so all were made to feel welcome and included in the proceedings.

Tying in with our theme, Marina told the story of an eagle egg which a farmer found and placed under a chicken. The egg hatched and the eagle lived it’s life with the farmyard hens learning to cluck and scratch and occasionally flapping its wings, rising slightly in the air. One day it saw a magnificent bird flying high above and on querying who it was, was told that the bird was an eagle, the king of all the birds. It belonged to the sky just as the farmyard chickens belonged to the land. The young eagle on the ground was in awe. So the years passed and the eagle grew old clucking and scratching in the farmyard, and it lived and died a chicken because that was what he thought he was.

Undoubtedly food for thought.

Table topics, our impromptu speaking session, was great fun. Niel Malan hosted this portion and had slips of paper, one batch with products written on such as steak and shoes and the other batch of slips with a variety of well known brands such as Nike and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Participants were picked at random and each had to pick one slip from each batch ending up with one brand and one product. By combining the two slips the challenge was to try and explain why, for example, Kentucky Fried Chicken was now diversifying into producing shoes or why Nike was producing steaks and burgers! All ‘off the cuff’ within a time limit of 1 to 2 minutes, most with hilarious results!

We had 2 speeches, an excellent IceBreaker’ or first speech given by Riaan Van Wyk, revealing a very interesting career as a forensic scientist, and his life experiences. Our other speech was from the very experienced Niel Malan (Distinguished Toastmaster) covering the topic of Investment vs Speculation.

So altogether a smooth event with a few last minute changes covered by more than capable and willing members. Thinking on our feet and improvising is certainly one of the skills we get to hone at Toastmasters!

The next meeting is on the 25th September and it will be our 20th Birthday Bash!!! So cake and pizza, coffee and conversation and a great meeting no doubt, so please feel free to join us and I am looking forward to catching up with you all after that!

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